Gibson Beach located on the great ocean road

Welcome to Everywhere Australia! We started this site to share our Australian travels and help you travel to the best spots in Australia too.

Australia is our home country and such a great place to explore.

Gibson Beach located on the great ocean road

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Sandy Desert to the Great Ocean Road, there is so much variety in Australia that it’d be impossible to ever be bored.

And if there was one plus from the pandemic, it’s that it gave us the perfect excuse to stop rushing off overseas and the time to explore our massive backyard. I feel very lucky that if we are going to spend a period only being allowed in one country that Australia is the country we get to spend this time in.

My name is Sharon and I started this site. I have three kids and we see as much of Australia as we can. In the past year, we have lived in two different states and have plans to visit most of the rest before this year is out. 

We love it!

We currently live in Melbourne and love the big city life, but it’s even more enjoyable when it’s mixed up with time spent in less busy parts of the country. In the next few months, we are taking a road trip to the NSW and SA Outback, we are visiting the Capricorn and Sunshine coasts in Queensland and we are flying to far North Queensland. We’re also returning to Hobart for a visit which is where we called home last year.

We hope that we can inspire you to also travel to these places and find your own favourite part of Australia!